The Apple Store: New York City Style

This might be confusing, but I’m actually in Quebec City posting this video from my trip to New York City a couple of weeks ago.

I’m slowly editing the video footage so once I get the New York travels done I’ll have a video for Montreal and Quebec – both wonderful cities.

Make sure you watch to the end of this video where you can see the New York Mac store and some pretty funky dancing by street performers.

The life of a traveling blogger continues…

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  • Wow, that apple store is crazy. I think I remember a bunch of press when that store opened, but didn’t pay it much attention.


  • Good to see you enjoying yourself and encouraging to see how far blogging can take you

  • Whenever I walk into an Apple store anywhere in the world, I suddenly feel as if I’ve been transported about 50 years into the future. Even Apple’s stores are intuitive, not to mention their products!

  • What a shop the Apple one! The yellow ribbons are truly saddening. The dance at the end is mind blowing. Look forward to the rest of the videos after you edit them.

  • great to seee blogging as a hobby to do on any occasion… 😉 thats why anyone have it now

  • My friends told me the lines for new products at that apple store are crazy! Your video makes me want to go back and visit.

  • jbj

    Nice video Yaro! NYC is a wonderful city. I went there 3 months ago and my wife and I can’t stop thinkink about comming back next year. And the Apple store is definitely very nice…I bought 2 iPods there. The prices are so cheaper than European prices!

  • I was at the apple store on the first day of sales of the new iphone. I have to say it was the craziest thing I’ve ever saw.

  • Wow… that Apple store looks huge! The one I visit here in Bangkok is around 85sqm lol

    Thanks for the video!

  • Ben

    I didn’t know you are an affiliate for apple as well 😉 nice video though. The last time I was in NC there were still the twin towers and they were just opening a warner brothers superstore on the 5th, wonder if that is still there.

    Greetings Ben

  • Seeing you living the Dream practically is a lot of encouragement for those following in your footsteps. You rock. Do have a wonderful trip.

  • Apple sure has done a great job at branding their company as “hip”. You can also get the idea behind their idea of what “hip” really is. APple is awesome!

  • Yaro,

    The Apple store look fantastic, but the street performer looks better to me.


  • Have a nice trip and bring back lots of tips for us…:)

  • Wow – the stores are so… modern, if not outta this world

    How long are you in Quebec for? Enjoying it?

  • Crazy man, New York looks like a great place to visit. That apple store is crazy and that dude flipping at the end is insane! Must be nice to travel all over the place 🙂

  • Wow! The Apple store looks almost like a mall. Surely they can’t have that many products that they would need such a huge store. Was it that big only because they needed the room for all of those people?

    That street dancer was wild with those back-flips. It never ceases to amaze me how they can do that.

  • Very interesting, I would like to be there sometime.

  • “The life of a travelling blogger”
    Bugger! I gotta get me some of that action!!

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