Can You Make Money Online Without Lying?

Marketers are LiarsI wanted to use the word “honesty” in the title for this blog post, but I expect the word “Lying” will pull more attention. However don’t let that mislead you, this article is about using honesty in your marketing, not lying.

At the start of September you may recall StomperNet offered their Stomping The Search Engines 2 course for the cost of shipping if you were willing to try their new print newsletter. They made money off this offer because of the multiple upsells involved during the ordering process and the potential for rebills if customers decided to stay subscribed to the print newsletter.

I had no problem with this offer, in fact I thought it was a good deal and promptly blogged about it and sent a notice to my newsletter too.

Besides a brief hiccup that killed the opening day, StomperNet did well, and many of you, my readers, grabbed the offer.

A few days later Brad and Andy at StomperNet decided to up the ante a little and with the help of many of their top Internet marketing friends, put together a bonus package that was, well, a little over the top.

Guys like Ed Dale, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Walker, Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Paul Colligan and Shawn Casey (and others) gave everything from teleseminar downloads, audio files, free months in coaching programs, reports and more on top of what was already offered by StomperNet, just for the cost of shipping. That offer has since passed, though you can still buy the course and trial the first month of the newsletter if you pay for sending it to you.

Why Do They Do This?

The reason why all these guys are willing to include the bonuses is because it brings them more potential customers. Maybe a person will buy their product after sampling the bonus that was included, or maybe they go on to an email list, or perhaps the bonus was a trial month, after which a monthly charge will kick in. Regardless of the method, the guys throwing in bonuses saw a potential upside and the Stomper boys were happy to have such a huge bonus package to increase the uptake on their initial offer.

You can expect to see a lot more of this happening in the Internet marketing space. Frank Kern started it by including a bonus for John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 customers and obviously it’s working as a great way for all the top players to expand their customer network by helping out with bonuses during big launches. Given the chance I’d probably do the same, so don’t be surprised to see a Yaro bonus thrown in with someone else’s big launch offer – it makes good business sense.

So What’s This About Lying?

People often accuse marketers of lying – of selling get rich quick products, taking advantage the hopes and dreams of the average wannabe Internet marketer, to take their money and then move on to the next sucker without really caring about the success of their customer.

And let’s be honest – some marketers are doing this. Some people are cheats and scumbags and care little for the people they sell to – they just want the money and will do whatever they can and say whatever they want to get it.

Personally I don’t want to be like this in reality and do my best to not be perceived like this online either (remember perception and reality are different and online reputation should be important to every Internet marketer).

…and no, I’m not at all accusing the people involved in the StomperNet offer of anything suspect either. Besides their online presence, I barely know most of the people who offered bonuses or the StomperNet guys themselves (I think I said about 3 sentences to Brad Fallon when we met at a networking event because he was clearly focused on something else at the time), so I’m far from qualified to comment on their sincerity as people and marketers – although most of them seem like nice guys (Ed Dale’s a bit of jerk though – just kidding!).

As far as I’m concerned there was nothing illegal or wrong about the bonuses or any aspect of the offer, except one thing…there was just too much provided.

Information Overload Is A Real Problem

As I read through all the bonuses on offer I thought there was some truly good stuff, items that I personally desired but I knew I simply didn’t have the time or the focus to go through it all, and I knew my audience are in the same situation.

If I was to pitch the bonus offer to you like everyone else was selling it – as a once-in-a-lifetime deal – I’d be doing my subscribers a disservice. I’m always talking about the 80/20 rule and seeking lifestyle freedom and all these good things and felt that while there was huge value on offer by StomperNet and their bonus-giving buddies, it wasn’t going to work if you tried to consume it all.

At first I decided not to write about it, but then I thought wait… there are some good things in the offer, the trick here is to realize what you need and ignore the rest.

So what I did was decided to send a notice to my newsletter basically saying the truth as I saw it. Here’s an excerpt from the newsletter –

This is a great incentive and no doubt there are some valuable resources you are going to get (again, just for the cost of shipping), but you have to be careful with this – it’s simply TOO MUCH for one person to go through at once.

You will experience information overload if you try and study it all.

My advice is to take the offer if you haven’t already for the SEO course and the sample of the newsletter, cherry pick from the other bonus offers, and then IGNORE THE REST.

I also broke down exactly why this offer was made, what was in it for StomperNet and was about as transparent and as honest as I could be. You could say I wasn’t really pitching people the offer, I was warning people to think carefully before taking it and how best to leverage it.

Oh, and here’s the subject line I used in the newsletter –

“Be careful of this one…”

(By the way, if you are not subscribed to my newsletter – go stick your name and email into the box you see on the top right of this page to subscribe or join at

Honesty Pays Off

Let me tell you something, as a person who runs a popular email newsletter, who has the gall to actually sell something through it now and then, I get my fair share of replies that are not so friendly.

Actually “fair share” isn’t accurate. I really only get about one or two complaints a month from people who take offense that I would sell through my newsletter. You may have seen the same thing happen here at this blog in the comments on the rare occasion a person doesn’t like a blog post I have made because it sells a product.

This is just something you have to come to grips with whenever you operate an online business. You can minimize this type of feedback by focusing on value before selling and by the type of language you use, but as your exposure grows (a good thing) you tend to piss more people off too (usually a sign your business is growing). It’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time, and it’s a guarantee that not everyone is going to share your point of view.

However, when I sent out this particular email newsletter, which was about as transparent and directly honest as I could be while still selling the StomperNet offer full of all the bonuses, the opposite happened.

People started replying to the newsletter saying how thankful they were that I had “acted honestly” and told the truth with a warning about an offer, rather than over-hyping it as the best thing since sliced bread.

This certainly says something about the current state of the Internet marketing niche. People notice when you don’t use the same language all the other marketers use to sell the same products.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Honest

Would my results have been better if I followed the standard pitch saying the offer was the best thing ever? Maybe. Despite using the honest approach with that newsletter I still referred over 300 people, placing me 17th in the affiliate competition and netting somewhere around $5,000 in commissions. Obviously 16 people did better than me, but I’m still pretty happy with that result.

I’m also happy because I was able to write an email I felt really good about writing and I received lots of replies confirming that it was appreciated. Online reputation is important to me and as always, I can’t please everyone and I know some people haven’t always agreed with what I do, but I think I have the majority on my side, which is nice.

Sometimes when you have to sell something you experience an uncomfortable feeling. This shouldn’t happen if you truly see value in the product, although I know of people who simply don’t like selling at all and it’s a struggle for them.

Obviously I got over this myself, but with so many people selling the same thing on marketing lists every day, sometimes it’s hard to find an angle you are comfortable with – after all, you don’t have to sell, you could just keep sending out great free content and not worry about ever making money (and then lose your house because you can’t pay the mortgage!).

Don’t Be Afraid To Sell Too, But Be Yourself

The lesson here is that you can write emails and blog posts that are honest, present your opinion, that help your audience AND sell something.

It’s a fine balance and you have to be prepared for feedback from people who don’t like that you are selling or who don’t agree with you, but most of the time these people are in the minority. It’s hard not to respond emotionally when people don’t like what you do and are outspoken enough to tell you, but that’s just yet another mindset issue all budding entrepreneurs need to go through.

Take the time to craft words that you believe in, focus on products you know provide value (though you may need to provide instructions on how best to extract that value), be honest, and you can do well, assuming people are paying attention to you of course!

Understand that people use manipulative language to pull at emotions – that is part of what copywriting is about – so be wary whenever you face a buying decision. In most cases what is offered is not something you need to deal with your immediate problem and should be ignored. Do not consume information simply because it’s there or it looks interesting unless you have nothing better to do (which I doubt is anyone reading this!).

Yaro Starak
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  • Yaro, as usual, you are dead on. There was too much overload in the bonus offering, for sure. And people need to realize, just because the “big guys” are now doing this doesn’t mean it hasn’t been around.

    JV’ing and bonus offerings like that have been done for as long as I can remember (it’s the foundation of any program offering my clients do), the key is to bring in bonuses that are actually relevant and not just out of sheer number — when going through StomperNet’s bonus offerings, I only downloaded two, because those where the only one’s relevant to why I had purchased StomperNet in the first place.

    Your continued honesty, always rocks!

    Maria Reyes-McDavis

  • Yaro, I appreciate this post because I have not made the investment in other’s web marketing tools and programs yet. And sometimes there is so much hype, one wonders if the product can ever actually live up to it. You really do come across as a honest, straightforward guy who is pretty transparent about things, so I’ve begun to value your word.

  • I found your newsletter refreshing – it will be task enough to go through the Stomper package itself (especially when it took almost 20 days to arrive!).

    You absolutely have to cherry pick your info consumption, or you’re going to get overloaded.

  • Great post Yaro. Stompernet did such an amazing job on the first day with “hypnotic” marketing, that thousands were waiting for the clock to strike 3 pm with credit cards on hand. Rich Scheffren always cautions others about information overload and how “empathy” is always one of the best marketing strategies. This was a good example of: Stick to what you need and “not all that glitters is gold”.

    Thanks for this post, and thanks to Maria Reyes Mc-Davis for posting it on Facebook, as I would have never known about it, so here’s to the power of Viral Social Networking and to many more quality relationships to come.

    Success to all,

    Ali R. Rodriguez
    Business Coach Strategist

  • What you’ve written here makes a lot of sense. I had seriously been considering buying Stompernet’s new product – the original deal was very tempting. I got distracted and before I knew it, they were offering everything – including the kitchen sink. Definitely overkill and your newsletter was spot on with good advice. By this point I had already been overwhelmed by the new offer and turned off the idea.

    I guess the Stompernet experience goes to show that you actually can have too much of a good thing!

  • You hit the nail on the head when you talk about information overload. You have newbies reading an IM ebook, trying out the techniques for a week and when it doesn’t quite make him as much money as promised in the ad, goes on to the next ebook, and the next ebbok, and the next….!

    If only he had just stuck to the first ebook and preservered….he would have made it.

    And some Internet marketers are not helping either. They will have a launch this month of the absolute last word in Internet marketing. You just need to buy this and you don’t need any other products ever again. And the next month it will be another product, with this month’s offering completely forgotten.

    You are the first one I have heard say about information overload. Bravo!

  • As always, good stuff. I said the same thing about it, there’s just so much being offered now days, you spend too much time signing up for your bonuses! It is impossible to benefit from them all at once, it’s multiple different systems in place, all promising to make you better.

    Each bonus was good in it’s own way, but all the memberships and such could be overload if you don’t know what you’re trying to do next, or what you want to accomplish! It’s easy to get caught up, the guys are great copywriters and like you said, know how to pull out emotions! This is marketing…I prefer to just be myself, and yes I’ll sell to you sometimes lol. Honesty is truly the best policy, but I really enjoyed seeing that newsletter when you sent it, as I was thinking the exact same thing!

    Maybe me even more confident that reading your blog and info is a great choice.

    see ya

  • Some people are willing to lie in order to get more downline to his program, and its really getting hard to find that trusted person in making money online as anyone compete to get more

  • I have to agree with Louise BJ regarding the Stompernet offer… the overkill turned me off, however I did appreciate the approach you took in your email.

    Also, when I read what you wrote about “pissing people off” and negative reactions, the words to the “Garden Party” song by Rick Nelson came into my head…

    “But it’s all right now, I’ve learned my lesson well.

    “You see, you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself”

    I must say, Yaro… in seeking honest mentor-ship, you’re “The Man”

    I’m glad I found your blog.

  • Jeff Hodges

    Way to go Yaro! I like your honesty in this blog post. I was thinking the same thing when I got all those bonuses. In my opinion, there were only 3 that were actually pretty good. Of all the other bonuses, there is one Internet marketer that was driving me crazy with a daily sales pitch for a product. Everyday he kept bugging me about buying his product now, because it will never be produced again! And you will miss out and all hell will brake loose!!! (Well something like that).

    I promptly unsubscribed from his email yesterday. When it comes to the barrage of sales pitches to purchase an Internet marketing product, I turn off completely. I become totally immune to purchasing that product.

    When I decided to sign up for the StomperNet offer with the DVD and newsletter for $9.95, it was a steal. I did not bother reading the “sales copy” because I get booooored with that nonsense anyway.

    When it comes to Internet “sales copy” I just go to the very bottom to get the sales price. That is where I make my decision to buy (which is 99% of the time).

    I must say I did enjoy the “The Net Effect” newsletter and the Stomping The Net DVDs. Chances are I am going to cancel the subscription, because I do not have the monthly funds to read it each month at this time.

    Perhaps in early 2009, I will subscribe…that is if it stays at the $39.95 a month subscription price!

  • Hi, Yaro! My first comment on your blog! I just read your free report Blog Profits Blueprint – great stuff!

    About Stomper offer and other things – do you also notice that there are great deal in highest level behind all big marketers?

    First was John Reese – TS 2.0 for 300$
    Second – Frank Kern – great stuff for almost free but limited
    Third – Stomper with almost free but unlimited
    What will be next?

    Why this wasn’t in such order:
    First – Stomper
    Second – Kern
    Third – Reese?

    Because Reese will left with no money at all! But really, most of these buyers are the same persons. And this is one BIG, BIG game from marketers!

    But I got Stomper product, but bonuses…. well how to say – I just know at the moment wich marketers sells absolutely bad stuff for big money… and never ever will not buy their products. That’s good thing. Bad one is of course overloaded, but if I ignored this bad stuff, only some great videos and reports is on my table and wait for my attention.

  • Great post! I did not participate in this offer so I don’t have any direct concern either way. However, your honesty and online reputation are the reason you are the online marketing source that I trust the most. Sooner or later I will probably be participating in your blog training program as well. Thanks for the continued honesty.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I think what makes your copy different from other IM gurus is that you don’t add “I’m not trying to sell you something” after an obvious product pitch. It may be true that people don’t like to be sold, but I think it’s more accurate to say that people don’t like having their intelligence insulted. You mention a product with an affiliate link, but make no attempt to hide that you have something to gain from it; on the contrary, you openly acknowledge it. When you add a critical comment, if you can call your remarks about the StomperNet bundle “critical,” it raises your credibility.

    It reminds me of the Albors Fallah interview, where he stood behind his negative car reviews on the grounds that people trust blogger as being more independent voices.

  • Not being afraid to be yourself is super important. When I first started my blog I wanted it to be a personal finance blog so I pretended like I was a millionaire and I knew what I was talking about. The truth is that I am NOT a millionaire. I am 20 and I am a budding entrepreneur. So now my blog is as honest as I can be. I am a budding entrepreneur and everyone who reads my blog knows that… I don’t lie about how much money I make…but when I make money I will defiantely tell people

  • Hey Yaro,

    Being fairly new to internet marketing I can tell you that information overload and analysis paralysis can stop you from going forward. I’ve done a lot of research and signed up for many newsletters in the past 3 months so I was inundated with emails pushing Stompernet. Your honest email was refreshing. I did take the offer (still waiting for the package) and don’t know if I’ll sign up for all the bonuses; there’s just not enough time in the day.

    I like your point about offering bonuses that have value. My site has been up for awhile but I don’t have an opt-in form yet as I’m having a hard time choosing an ebook or product to offer for signing up.

    If you have any suggestions I’d be appreciative.

    As I said I’m new to Internet Marketing and have been scammed before but I’m better for it and want to build an honest online business with integrity like yours.

    Thanks for the post
    Luca Di Nicola

  • Hi Yaro,

    I’m following you now for a while and I don’t feel that you’re selling often to your readers. You provide a lot of great content and tips and that’s something most other gurus don’t. If they have discovered a new technique to drive traffic to a website or make more money with this technique all they do is creating a new viral product and try to sell it to their readers and don’t provide any helpful content for free.

    The most of them should subscribe to your list to learn how to build a good relationship with their subscribers…

    Keep on with your great work – your content always rocks…


  • I just came across your site and this post, great post by the way and from the comments above I bookmarked it right away. Looking forward to reading more post and going back and reading previous post.

  • You can also make money online honestly in other ways
    Think of freelancing, web design. site flipping, adsense etc

  • i should hope so!
    like you said honesty pays more in the long run!

  • I agree with you completely about information overload … I’ve found myself unsubscribing to the vast majority of the email newsletters. (Not yours, of course!)

    I’ve also started to switch many of my subscriptions to RSS, which I find easier to manage.

  • See, the other thing about these bonus offers is, because there are so many of them, it kind of cheapens them, and at the the end of the day i’m sure that many of the people who have created these products have spent a lot of time developing them.

    Just my thoughts!


  • I bought StomperNet 2.0 long before they add the bonuses, and I must say that I am still overloaded by those bonuses..!

    Many Bonuses haven’t been downloaded, and I have no time to go through all of them…but my favorite still Jeff Johnson product.

    I don’t like too many things…Even it was free, take me precious time to filter what’s important!

  • Thank you very much dear Yaro, as usual full of clearness and wisdom.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Cajiga

  • Yaro, thanks for your transparency in this post and in all of the content you put out (including Blog Mastermind). I purchased the Stomper trial (as well as Kern’s Mass Control Monthly trial) and completely agree that there was just too much stuff – and frankly, some of it was pretty mediocre.

    As I move forward in my business, I’m taking a lot of cues from the way you do business. If I’m selling something, I tell people I’m selling something and explain why I think it’s good. If I think something is bad, I tell them that, too. People are pretty good at figuring out when you’re being insincere and they usually don’t like it. In my experience being open and honest with people is the most sustainable (and fun) way to build a business.

  • This analysis and the advise are just about the best that I have come across in the blogsphere in a long time. Thank you for being so free with your thoughts and advise. They are invaluable.

  • Yaro,

    IMO, transparency is key (as Maria | Never the Same River Twice commented above).

    In fact, with tons of scams on the Net, having a couple of people offering ‘see-through’ opportunities is like a breeze in a hot, hot midday 🙂


  • Great thoughts. You know, lying is so short game. Lying let’s you get paid one time…from one sucker. Lying marketers have to constantly drum up new suckers.

    But building a relationship and giving value means you’ve got a lifetime customer. 🙂

  • Well said Yaro. Honest is truly a virtue.
    I did have some bad experience previously with free bonus. The higher value it claims to be, the worst disgust you’ll get, as you really feel like being deceived by a fool. Although they might grab my email to their mailing list, their following emails will goes straight to my junk folder, I don’t even bother to unsubscribe.

  • Yaro, thank you for the work you do to keep clarifying the world of online marketing and information products. As a book author, a blogger, and an information product creator, it is extremely helpful to have lots of conversation about this issue. I’ll be pointing my readership to this article for a long time into the future.
    cheerios and kudos,
    Suzanna Stinnett

  • So glad to have come across this post. I didn’t take advantage of the StomperNet offer – like someone else said….even if it’s free, your spending your precious time separating the wheat from the chaff.

  • Hey Yaro,

    The thing I noticed about the Stompernet Bonuses is that a lot of the info is redundant. Some of the vidoes I downloaded are talking about myspace which is old, old news IMO. I think they are giveaways because these guys have new, fresh products ready to roll out and can afford to giveaway the stale stuff which is probably dropping in sales.

    That’s how I would do it anyway. Once the life of a product has expired it can still be used as a “bonus” when promoting other products. Please don’t take this the wrong way, because there was a lot of other useful info that is still relevant, especially for people that are new to internet marketing.

    All in all, it was a large amount to giveaway. With everything I’ve downloaded I’ve only just begun to browse through what I want. (really, I’m waiting for the Stompernet stuff to arrive before I begin “studying” anything). One of the more valuable bits of info I found was all the Immediate Edge Newsletters, there some good stuff hidden in them….

    I like your comments on honesty, Yaro. Staying honest, upfront and ethical will always be the best policy, especially when it comes to online reputation.

  • Interesting thoughts, its true that the entire internet is corrupt by lying, biased posts, product reviews really epitomize that.

  • Thanks Yaro I’m new to all aspects of computing and the internet as computers were not available to my generation in our school years. If I was in sales, education or my own business I’m shure I would have learned more. I’ve enjoyed my working career as a construction worker for over 40 years, Now thinking to my future, I don’t want to retire So I’m turning to the internet available to my generation now. Hopefully I can work another 40 years and I don’t think I’m alone in my age group. To get to the point, we are not dumb although unedcated as far as the internet, we recognize honisty, we recognize hype. I’m a recent subscriber to your blog and newsletter and am Including referances to you in my new blog. I’m also reading your Blog for Profits Blueprint and that is all I need for now. Thanks Larry W
    P.S. Honisty gets loyalty good job.

  • This Post was exactly why, when I found the internet 🙂 that I did not become an Internet Marketer but followed my Passion instead.

    Honesty and Authticity will allways be transparent, its unfortunate that sometimes we dont see the wolf behind the sheeps clothing until were inside the wolfs stomach.

    Great Job Yaro.

    Paul Godines
    Adapt on a Dime Coaching Gym
    Career Goals – Got Some?

  • If people knew how little some of these “Internet Millionaires” were making before they sold thousands of copies of their e-books they would be kicking themselves. I know one of them personally and he was broke and wrote a book. Even though he had some knowledge he had no experience in making the money he did. Once his e-book came out he was pulling in 2-3k a week which supplemented his other online income greatly.

  • Most of the freebees were worth what I paid for them. I did get the Net Effect magazine and found some great stuff in it. The CD that came with it is an interview that’s about 2 years old! But most of the techniques Brad Fallon describes still work great.

    Few things used to bug me more than a free offer with an upsell. Now I know it’s coming, so I usually ignore it. Sometimes I’m hoping for an upsell if it’s a product I really want. I’ve already unsubscribed from all those lists I got on with the free offers.

  • Will


    I agree wholeheartedly; but I find it interesting that your next post is on Rich Schefren’s program. I met Rich and spent a couple of hours with him in a small gathering. He’s a nice guy, for the most part. But he is also former black hat.

    He didn’t leave his multimillion dollar black hat business because of change in conscience, he left it because Google killed it.

    IMHO, he is now as much about hype over substance as anyone. Remember his big launch that fizzled a year ago or so?

    Most of your readers need solid advice and example, not another hugely expensive product or coaching program. If they want a coaching program, why not just join yours? Blog Mastermind.


  • Instead of asking how to make money without lying, you should actually have integrity stored in your membranes. Then go after making money. If your business is based on lies, then the truth is, you have no business. Look at the truth as being solid matter, and a lie being vapor. Which one will support you?

    God equipped us all with censors which allow us to discern right from wrong, so you know if you’re being dishonest or not. There is no such thing as a white lie, or a small lie. Dishonest business, money, and all will fail eventually, some faster than others, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Whoo!

  • Yaro, I think you made the point pretty well that you can make money online and still be honest. There is nothing wrong with selling, and you can still sell to people by being honest. Consider the implications if you couldn’t — that all of us buy only from dishonest people! What mixed up world that would be.

    David Leonhardt

  • you really should always be honest in your business dealings. Any time someone is always shady, it seems to come back to bite them later. In my mind that isn’t worth it.

    I understand the whole ‘get their foot in the door’ approach, and I also believe that it can be used effectively. The problem is that too many overuse it.

  • Wow Yaro,

    On the account of the bonuses, I decided not to promote to my list a second time and like you, not because I didn’t think they were valuable, I just thought “information overload.”

    Wish I’d used your strategy though!!

    Whilst I wish I wasn’t so sceptical of some of these Internet Marketers though, I’m always dubious when they seem to be giving away the earth. No one can consume this amount of information and “do” what is necessary to make money online

    So what happens? A few months later, they have another big launch that was bigger than the last one and if you don’t get on board, you’ll be broke online

    I personally think that if you don’t want to be sold to then “get off my list” but I also think there has to be a balance so you don’t “tire” your list.

    Yaro, your mix is perfect so far. Generally speaking, if you recommend it, I respect it.

    Best to you,


  • Make money online without lying? I don’t think so… Make money online is a business process, and to gain a goal we need to do anything, including lying. I mean, not a lie, but somehow we have to manipulate something and make ourselves looks great to make the way faster than other. Just my idea.

  • Hey Ecko, if you can make money without lying, why would you even consider the alternative? You may be able to make more, but there more important things than money!

  • SEO next

    Honesty mostly pays off if its for the benefit of the people…
    What Most of the IM guru’s don’t understand is that the masses are not fools, they do have some grey cells left.
    When 10 different people send them email about the same product on the same day having the same words any one in this world will become speculative about it …
    You have to be different and say the right thing in the right manner at the right time…

  • Actually I have begun to wonder about that recently, I’ve seen the streams of email from the top IM gurus trying to sell me various things and wondered how on earth people can fall for this sort of thing. dont get me wrong, the products are probably very good and ill probably learn a lot from it but i would be more likely to buy it if i got a proper breakdown of what i will learn.

    but then again people probably do fall for the marketing babble right? because it looks to me like they are making a lot of money from selling these “limited time offers”.

  • It is better to be honest and sell more than lie and have to pay lots of refunds.Your reputation is on the line as well.

  • Mary

    I have to admit I fell for the whole Stompernet enchilada. I most likely would have resisted except a couple of bloggers I follow were really singing its praises.

    The free bonuses completely underwhelmed me — I didn’t bother giving more than a couple of them anything but a cursory glance, and the ones I looked at in depth didn’t do much for me either.

    Coupled with that, it took entirely too long for the package to arrive. I orderied on 9/11 and it didn’t arrive until this Monday. To make matters worse, I kept getting emails on how to use it and FAQ emails that referenced an email I was supposed to have gotten saying it shipped — guess which email I NEVER got? The one saying it shipped!

    I also attempted to contact Stompernet 3 times before anybody replied back to me.

    Based on all the above, I’m now trying to arrange returning the merchandise for a refund. We’ll see how THAT goes.

    The one thing I will say is the magazine is pretty slick. It’s way overpriced though, and so I won’t be continuing that either. I might if it were half the price.

  • I think it is better to be honest so people will know your reputation, if you lie and people find out you could never be trusted which is a bad thing

  • It sure can be often seen that online marketers insert a small tidbit of truth in with their generated sales communication so that viewers think that there may be something to the product. Sometimes, the tidbit of truth is even worth enough that it is alright that it was small because its effects can be quite large. They have to be checked on a case-by-case basis.

  • Great piece! Thanks for helping to reinforce what should be obvious to bloggers, the more honest we are the most people will want to take the time to read our blogs!

  • As with your other articles comments about being honest in reviews, you once again use honesty as your central point for selling.. A stance I have to say I appreciate greatly!!

  • Great post, right on. I only downloaded a couple of the offerings also because I am an avid believer in the 80/20 rule and info overload. And some of the offerings for me, I just didn’t need. Everyone is different but for some they will need the other offers. They were solid.

    But integrated marketing is something we are seeing more of and will continue to see more of. Making the best use of relationships and website space.

  • Lying will not get you far in life as Im sure karma will bite you in the behind eventually. Honesty and ethics are an important part of running a successful business.

  • I really don’t like “Time” offers. For example, some people promise to raise the price of a certain product after a certain date. Of course, this encourages quicker (and more) buys because people want the cheaper price. Sometimes, these companies do not raise the price after a certain date. Instead they simply keep the current price and set another price raising date.

  • agree with @Zurpit if you lie people it works 1,2,3,10 times, but eventually your reputation gets ruined and people look suspicious or don’t even want tp hear from you.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I’m glad that you bought this point up. There is such a fine line between “Marketing” and honesty. I have been messing around online for a while and some people have suggested that the easy way to get huge profits is to lie about how well one is doing in order to sell products. This will never sit well with me but for some other people it seems like it’s fine to sell the dream. Keep up the honest approach mate, it’s the only way to do long term business

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