New York Videos – Alex Interview, Central Park, US Open Tennis and Ice Cream Sandwiches

Although my New York City visit ended several weeks ago I still had some footage I wanted to get up for you, so here are the final two videos from my awesome time in the Big Apple.

This first video features a two minute interview with Alex from, who is a huge fan of my blog – so much so that he tracked me down while I was in New York, coming into Manhattan from Jersey by subway.

The video also includes exploring the markets and by far the highlight of my trip to NY – the ice cream sandwich from heaven.

The second video features a trip to Central Park, some brief footage on a tour bus over to Brooklyn with great views of the bridge at sunset, inside the world’s largest Toys R’ Us with me getting a little too excited about Lego, my day at the US Open tennis and ends with a look at the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.

New York, well at least Manhattan where I spent my time, is an amazing place. I barely did half of what I wanted to in the week I had there. You could spend the entire week in just the museum of natural history or Soho of any of the cool little villages and hotspots. It’s definitely a city I recommend you visit if you get the chance. I’d like to live there some day myself for a few months in a row to really experience what being a New Yorker is like.

In case you are curious, we rented an apartment in the Upper West side for a week, which cost a total of $1755 USD, definitely the most expensive apartment I’ve rented so far on my travels, but for New York I wanted to splurge a little. It turned out to be in a great location, although for the price I was disappointed with the interior and the Internet wasn’t too reliable either.

Since we were rarely home the apartment’s shortcomings didn’t impact the trip too much, but as I’ve learned on my travels you can never be certain what you are going to get for your money. Sometimes I’ve been pleasantly surprised (like Vancouver), other times you’re not blown away (like New York). I’m certainly discovering a lot about how to locate short term rentals as I travel around the world this year.

I hope you have enjoyed the travel videos I post to this blog. Obviously they are not always strictly on topic, but they are certainly part of my entrepreneur’s journey. I’ve got more planned too. Next I have Montreal and Quebec City coming up (I just need to edit and produce them) and since I’m about to start the European leg of my trip the videos will keep coming.

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  • I know NY is expensive and hiring an apartment is always a better idea than staying in a hotel.

  • Looks like you had a great time in NY sightseeing.

  • Yaro

    Great videos, few quick questions. What sort of camera are you using for these? Do you use a mic or just through the camera and what software are you using to edit?

    Just in process of getting all this set up to get on the site and your combination seems to work well.



    • Hey Rick – I’m using a little pocket Creative Vado camera (like a Flip), then just editing with iMovie and uploading to YouTube.

      These two videos also used the YouTube highdef mode, so the quality is higher than my previous videos.

      The Vado is like $99 from Creative and really good for capturing quick little videos. The mic is okay if you are right next to it, but useless for anything else.

  • LOL! Roger Federer 1 inch tall!

    “Pretty crazy” stuff…

  • Wow! I can’t even imagine paying that much for an apartment. But I’m from a town where the cost of living is dirt cheap.

  • Enjoy the trip Yaro!

    I’ve been following you for a few months now and I reckon that a doer like you really deserves a break +_+

    A helicopter ride round Manhattan is an experience…

    axel g

  • Is this the “Die Hard 3” center park?

    Brooklyn Bridge…wow, so beautiful! Lucky you!

  • Thanks for the tour, Yaro. I live about two hours away. My writers group got a special tour of unseen Grand Central this summer, and I’ll be going into “the city” to see a play in a couple of weeks.

    NYC, especially Manhattan, is notorious for expensive but dinky (and sometimes icky) apartments. Residents put up with a lot to live there in the middle of all the action. It’s all about the real estate mantra: location, location, location.

    FWIW, I’m jealous of your metabolism to be able to eat that ice cream sandwich. ;->

    And FWIW2: “pretty crazy” beats “awesome.” 🙂

  • Yes, the more you travel, the more you learn about the tricks of travelling. There are some very good agents, who do a reasonably good job of giving proper advise depending on each person’s budget.

  • Thanks Yaro, great videos and great post!
    And yes, that apartment of yours was pretty expensive!

  • New York is a great place, looks like you had a great time. Im glad you enjoyed our stay

  • I wish I could go to NY too!

    thousand plus for 1 week of rented…it is really expensive! it convert to malaysian ringgit, this is high sky figure which is 1755 x 3.2 = RM5616

    This is equivalent to my monthly salary in malaysia now. ^0^

  • That location is one of the sought-after areas to reside in.paying the price for the rental of that apartment is probably worth it do to the memories that will have been created, and it is quite worth it for the apartment company because a large part of that has to be profit.I would think that one of the main items which one could not experience in that short of a time period in New York is the attitude and interests of many of the local people.

  • Your post reminded me of how I missed the city. When I was younger, I used to make a lot of trips in from the ‘burbs to visit relatives.

    At the time, I didn’t appreciate it as much because it was such a convenience. As I’ve moved around, I definitely miss a lot of the features you just don’t find anywhere else. I guess you never know what you got until it’s gone 😉

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