How To Make Online Video Clickable

Big thanks to Gideon from Get Your Video Online for letting me know about these two handy websites.

We all know how good video is for online marketing, in particular YouTube, but something that’s lacking is a way to spread video that is actually clickable. When I say clickable – I mean viewers can click the video and be taken to a page you designate, rather than the YouTube page or similar video sharing site. A simple text prompt to help stimulate the click would also be nice.

Well thanks to you can do this. What’s really great about the service is how easy it is to use. Just fill out a few variables, click “Get Code” and stick the video anywhere you like. There’s also some simple but helpful customization options.

If you want something a little more feature rich, try, which lets you overlay more content over your videos, including product placement, text bubbles and clickable links, and it works on other sharing sites beyond YouTube too.

The only problem with both these services is you can’t impact the place where your videos usually get the most attention – at YouTube itself. However if your video marketing includes embedding videos all over the Internet, like in your social networking profile, on your blog or let’s say you use video as an affiliate marketing tool, these sites provide a handy service.

How about this for a good idea?

Find a great product you love and then find a great review of it in YouTube then use the tool to embed your affiliate link code as a clickable video post to your blog. That’s a nice way to make use of video content from YouTube for affiliate promotions. Just be sure to check you are not violating any YouTube or affiliate network’s terms of service.

Here’s an example I just did with one of my affiliate promotion videos –

<a href="">LinkedTube</a>

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  • Thanks,
    As always, you managed to give a very good tip for your fellow bloggers !

  • Great review! You’ve been doing alot of reviews lately, and it’s driving me batty. But this one is great!

    I’ll be bookmarking this for future reference.

  • Awesome, i’ve come across these clickable videos but never really figured out how to do it. one annoying thing though is that i’m used to clicking on the video to start it so sometimes that can be a pain 🙂

  • Hi Yaro

    Cheers for the link love. Those are two great services.

    One more thing about…

    You can use it on videos from multiple online video sharing sites. So, not only YouTube, but also Metacafe and heaps of other ones.

    Another really neat strategy is to find the most popular videos on YouTube for your keywords. And then use those videos in conjunction with and

    That way, you know that the video you’re using is already “proven” in the market (that is, people will actually watch it and be amused by it when they come to your website), and therefore, the chances of people clicking on your clickable link inside the video is much increased.

    All the best!

    Gideon Shalwick

  • Ooooh, sweet. That’s a very nice tool. I’m going to have to take advantage of that one. Thanks Yaro.

  • My friend Lasse Rouhiainen from just told me about a wee code error for the embed code.

    To get it working properly, inside the embed code, change “get=yes” to “sav=yes”. That should fix any issues 🙂

    (Note: they’ll probably fix up their code at some stage, so this comment wont be valid for eternity.)

  • Yet another utility that I should have thought of before the big guys! Great tool.

  • Hey Yaro, any indication at this stage on the range of conversion rates. i.e. views to clicks to sales
    I really like the look of this. Dean

  • I have seen a YouTube video with a clickable link in Youtube itself. But probably YouTube changed the code and it was no longer possible.

    Youtube should give us a signature box below the video where we can promote our site. They get so much of traffic from user-generated content, but I feel they do not give back enough.

  • Yaro, I think Youtube has a tool for links. It’s called video annotations. You can add them on your video… But, it seems to be a beta version.

  • This post is worth its weight in gold. Thank you Yaro.

  • This is something me and my readers looking for a long time! Thanks Yaro!

  • We’re always looking for new marketing tools that we can promote before our competition. This one’s a beauty. Thanks for the info.

  • I absolutely love this! We’re working on some new, exciting features for MLTV in the near future, so this is really helpful. Have you found these services to be user-friendly?

  • Hey, that feature is pretty cool – definitely will try it out

  • This is great stuff, YouTube drives me nuts that people can’t get directly to my or my clients websites. Thank you for this, I will be coming back to this a lot.

  • Dear Yaro,
    This has nothing to do with the post, but I feel that it needs attention.
    I get a popup window by Internet Explorer that has the words, “Stack overflow at line: #” after I make a comment on your blog. There is a number where the “#” appears. I have to press “OK” repeatedly until the popup disappears before I can leave the webpage. I don’t know if anyone one else has this problem or if this has been reported before and I don’t know if it has been solved. I’ll know if this happens again when I add this comment.
    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    Yours sincerely,
    Rick Resch

  • This is a very cool feature and Im sure it will bring more traffic to your site since people can reach your site from the bideo

  • Yaro,

    That’s awesome!

    Um… I wonder, is it ethical to use other’s video from youtube and put the clickable button like yours leading to the affiliate link?

    • Possibly not – I don’t think I would do it, unless I first contacted the creator of the video and asked if I could use it first.

      I’m more inclined to use it on my own videos.

  • will the page that the video is emmbed in be listed under “statistics and data” on video’s page on youtube itself?
    you know, that gives a lot of credit.

  • Doug

    Another fantastic interactive video service is It is a great way to monetize online video. You can either use Veeple icons or upload your own images to create links on top of your videos. You can link to anywhere on the internet, and even create an information box to let the viewer learn more about your content, without ever havig to leave the video. There is also an analytics engine that shows you what was clicked on, how often and when. The idea is to help the viewer learn more, experience more, and drive traffic back to your website so you can earn more. It is very cool.

  • This is useful because people are used to being sent to a site such as YouTube, and the fact that clicking a video sends them somewhere else will already have been a different procedure from the norm. Connecting it to affiliate promotion is a smooth item that is being done at this time.

  • That’s actually incredibly useful!! heh heh.. it’s become so that our automatic reaction to almost any media is to click on it to get more information etc. Applying this to videos is really great!

  • youtubber

    I tried the instructions. It gave me the video and the buttn works within the linkedtube website, but when i copy paste the code on myspace, the button is not responsive. I never did find anywhere inside the code get=true

  • I wish I would have came across this earlier.

    We’re wrapping up a bunch of videos and it’s a bit late in the game to add. That said, it might be the perfect addition when and if we do a round two sweep.

    Reducing friction is a great approach in today’s world and adding click-ability is always a bonus to that end.

  • Hi Yaro

    This was a great help! I was just wandering if there are any programmes that allow you to do this at home. I mean I am looking to download/buy some software that I can edit home videos on and then overlay clickable links with additional text. So that when they are uploaded on to my personal website (not Youtube or any other tube site) the clickable links are displayed on the video and are accessible. Would this be possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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