Have You Considered Selling Ads Directly From Your Blog?

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This often neglected advertising method can generate thousands of extra dollars per month from your blog.

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Today we are going to focus on making money from your blog using direct ad sales.

Direct ad sales means you communicate directly with advertisers who pay a fee to have their promotion running on your blog. You do not use a third party “middleman” to deal with advertisers, consequently you have to do more work to locate and manage your advertisers, but you earn more because you don’t have to pay a percentage fee to an ad broker.


Back in 1999, before Google was around, I made money selling advertising on my hobby sites as a university student. Back then the advertising industry was all about banner ads and I made about $500-$1000 a month selling banner ad space on my sites to sponsors. Because of website income I never needed a part time job during my university years.

Today we have many more options to monetize our blogs, including contextual ads (Google AdSense), text links, reviews, banners and a whole range of companies who provide advertising brokering services. I still choose to sell ads directly on my blog for one main benefit – you make more money – but I also use all the other options as well.

As an example, if you use a service like Text-Link-Ads.com to sell text links the advertiser might spend $100 to buy a link on your blog, from which you will receive 50% of the revenue and the broker takes the other half. If you sell that text link directly yourself, you pocket 100% of the fee.


I recently had a subscriber of my newsletter tell me they had their first private advertiser buy a campaign on their blog. This particular blog was quite new and attracting around 100 visitors a day. With traffic that low I wouldn’t normally recommend selling advertising directly yet because you can’t deliver value to your advertisers.

With 100 daily readers obviously you can’t charge too much. If they are very targeted high value readers – say people looking to buy high priced items like property – then it may be viable to charge more.

I generally advise bloggers to consider selling direct advertising at around $50 a month for a banner campaign or a text link once you have about 500 visitors per day. You can start earlier and charge less, even $10 a month just to get you some cashflow – it never hurts to try – just be careful to consider what value you offer advertisers.

Advertisers usually want traffic or leads or exposure and if you can’t deliver this then you probably shouldn’t sell ads directly. You want to foster a long term relationship with advertisers so they become dependent cashflow sources, and to do this you must deliver results for them. If you make them money they will of course continue to support your blog.

If you already have 1000+ readers then you definitely have the potential to start making a consistent income from direct ad sales. You could generate as much as $1000 additional in-come from selling banners and text links directly to advertisers and this money doesn’t have to come at the expense of your current monetization strategies. You can still use ad brokers and Google AdSense AND sell ads directly to sponsors.

In the next newsletter I’ll explain some tools you can use to set up direct ad sales on your blog.

Here’s to your blogging success,

Yaro Starak


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